Tuesday, February 14, 2012

California Chicken Pita

Oh California... sunny skies, blue oceans, inviting beaches... Brings back memories... Oh wait, I've never actually been to California-but I'm pretty sure it's quite similar to what I've described!

Even if you aren't living in sunny California, you can still enjoy a delightful meal named after the Golden State. This pita is amazing! But, if you don't have any pita bread on hand, feel free to use a couple slices of bread, or a bun in its place.

Ingredients (for one pita):
-3 ounces chicken breast (cooked)
-2 Fat Free Swiss Cheese slices
-1 TBSP. Ranch dressing (or a Ranch dip, either way-if you can find a lower fat variety, get it!)
-Tomato slices
-1 Pita Bread

It's pretty straight forward...I'm almost certain any of you could figure it out without directions, but just in case...

1. Slice chicken breast in half (so you have two thin fillets, not into two chicken fingers!)
2. Lay 1 slice of Swiss on top each fillet and  microwave (or broil) until cheese melts
3. Slice your pita bread in half
4. Place a layer of spinach into each pita bread half
5. Slide each chicken/cheese fillet into each pita bread
6. Slide a tomato slice in each if desired
7. Broil a few more seconds (this will warm everything and create a crispy pita crust)

I did a few things differently in the California Chicken Pita above... no tomato and I used the chopped chicken we had on hand-still delicious!

Nutritional Info:

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