Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What to do with my life...

Lord Jesus,
Up unti now, You have been quietly preparing me to be your disciple.
Now the time of preparation is ending.
I seem to hear you say to me as once to Peter:
   "Will you also go away?"
You were saddened then by friends who failed You.
But Peter did not fail.
   "Lord" he said, "to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."

I stand with Peter.
Through prayer and counsel, show me, Lord, where it is in Your vineyard that You want me to serve.
Then give me strength to be faithful.

Mary, mother and model, help me to respond in generous love to the call of your divine Son.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Well since people were sooo extremely supportive of me jumping on the WIAW bandwagon with them, I'm here to do round two!

So let's get going!

Breakfast = Greek yogurt with Barlean's lemon smoothie oil (awesome stuff!), with strawberries, some orange pieces, and raisin bread

Dinner = turkey, steamed veggies and mashed taters
oh and of course a side of fruit! 
...please take notice of the "couple" of peanut butter cups we 'obtained'

Snack #1 = peanut butter and raisins on celery... and if you think I just licked off the peanut butter and raisins and left the celery you'd be right 
I can't help it - I just can not take celery!

Snack #2 = graham crackers and apple slices with lemon pudding... I've been pretty into pudding these days! 

Supper = toast with peanut butter, topped with bananas and strawberries and then drizzled in honey :)

Snack #3 = If you're wondering what in the #!*?@ this is... just look here
p.s. I don't actually cuss - ever. 

Well that's all - hope your day is spectacular! Mine will be filled with packing, packing and packing... oh ya-maybe studying for finals? But probably not. Oh well!

Thanks Peas & Crayons - http://www.peasandcrayons.com/ for this awesome par-tay!