Monday, January 21, 2013

Barlean's Organic Oils

Organic oils huh? Interesting I know... but who knew that 'organic oils' could make amazing smoothies, fruit parfaits, ice cream toppings and granola?!
Not me - until now!

I recently was given the opportunity to sample and review a few of Barlean's products - the omega swirl, coconut oil and chia seed.

WOW! This company really does make stand-up products. But their most interesting, and (in my humble opinion) delicious product is their Omega Swirl.
What is Omega Swirl? Well I'm glad you asked! Because, well, if you didn't my blog post would have ended there, and that wouldn't have been very interesting now would it?

Omega Swirl (according to my experience and the Barlean website) is:
-an omega-3 nutrient supplement that has the taste and texture of a smoothie - Ohhhhh yes it does! It is so smooth, creamy and flavorful! I had the lemon version and it was THE BOMB. Seriously, I added it to my smoothies, fruit parfaits, even on top of ice cream! It gave it an amazingly refreshing lemon-y flavor, and of course-loads of omega-3 goodness!
-Omega-3 fatty acids have oh so many health benefits, such as:
~joint mobility and bone density
~heart health
~skin, hair and nail health
~mental health
...just to name a few!

Here is the nutritional info:

There are so many great flavors available, and now they sell Omega Swirl To-Go! (we all know Kristen LOVES single serve to-go packets!)

So if you're looking for a fun, not to mention DELISH way to bump up your healthy fats - you've got to try some Omega Swirl! It is so easy to incorporate into your life, and heck-if you're feeling lazy, just slurp it right off a spoon! (yes-it is that good)
this would be a smoothie I made (in the dead of winter, obviously) that tasted like HAWAII!!!
It consisted of: vanilla yogurt, milk, barleans omega swirl and frozen pineapple. 

*Barlean's only sent me samples to review. All opinions and statements are my own, I received no compensation. 

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