Sunday, March 10, 2013

Willamette Valley Granola Chips

Willamette Valley... ever been there? Me neither - but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy their granola chips!

I was lucky enough to receive some of their granola chips in the mail a few days ago to sample... what did I think?

Here is a close up of my HUGE plate of them... probably half the bag-not kidding. They are seriously good, and addictive. 

Here's a little bit more info-
The company is out of Oregon, they make delicious granola chips. The End.

Ok, Just Kidding!
That's what they look like, and what's in 'em
pre'neat huh?

They come in Butter Pecan (tastes JUST LIKE caramel corn), Vanilla Bean (my personal fav.), Honey Nut, and Wild Berry

They are crispy, crunchy, sweet, bite-sized treats, that are actually good for you, so they can be enjoyed more regularly that normal treats 
My roommate's boyfriend (who is a self-proclaimed, hater of all healthy food) said they were awesome! If that doesn't say something for their taste, I don't know what does!

They are a good source of fiber 
low in fat
made with whole grains
have a substantial amount of protein in a serving size
and are just plain awesome.

If you haven't tried these before - do it.
I really enjoy sprinkling these are frozen yogurt, or in a peanut butter and banana sandwich (sounds weird, but is delish!)

If you've tried these before, what's your favorite? How do you enjoy them?

*All opinions are solely my own, I received nothing but the samples from Willamette Valley Granola.

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