Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Whistle While You Work

That's good enough... 
But is it?

Giving your time is great, but is it the best you can do?

Doing a good deed is.. well... good, but is it really good enough?

Are you doing it in love? With joy? Accompanied by a smile?

These are the things that truly matter. This is what make the difference. Any human being with a heartbeat and hands can serve a homeless man a bowl of soup.

It is not the hot meal that comforts the soul, it is the smile and warm conversation. The smile is the lamp through which the light of Jesus can shine onto others. It is the glow in emitted from a true believer in their Savior that lights the darkness in your little corner of the world.
It's like one great Disney Princess said - 
Just whistle while you work! 

Help me today to joyfully shine Your light into the darkness I see each day.

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