Monday, March 11, 2013


"I'm super girl, and I'm here to save the world, but I wanna know-who's gonna save me?"
Ever heard this song? Even if you haven't (and you now think I'm completely insane), I'm hoping you can still relate to this little post here...

So... who's gonna save me?
Jesus already did! :)

~Girl Power~
So I'm just a girl.. does that mean I'm suppose to be quiet? Softspoken? Reserved?
The Bible says we are to be submissive... but what does that really mean?
Is it a command to not make decisions, never take control, sit back and be walked on, never try to change anything?
According to the dictionary...
...humbly obedient. Not useless. Not unimportant. Ready to submit. Ready to do what GOD has made us to do. Ready to change the world for HIM!

We, as women, are not powerless. (We should not be consumed with power either though!)

God gave us soooo much to do for Him! To bring glory and praise to our God!
He has pretty much entrusted the future of His world to us (Yes-He is in complete control of course! But in regards to nature - we're bringing His babies here!) ...we as women have HUGE responsibilities!

It has been said that you can define a civilization by the status of it's womanhood. How women portray themselves, how they are treated, etc. ...hmmm-what does that say about our civilization at this point in time? :/

Defining an entire civilization though? Really? Yes.
Girls, let's face it - we have the key to furthering life on this planet (God willing). And how we chose to value ourselves, will be how we are asking others to value us as well. We can choose to abuse the rights and cause the downfall of humanity by helping taint morals and values of those around us...
Or - we can bring men (and other peers) up to our level. The level God calls all of us to be at, and be at a level closer to Him.
*Beginning a reform of culture!

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