Friday, March 1, 2013

GIVEAWAY - Happy National Nutrition Month!

- in celebration of National Nutrition Month - I am going to be doing some giveaways! It's the 100 game~Here's the deal: we're trying for 100 'likes' on Facebook, 100 followers on Twitter (I'm @bakingblissful), 100 subscribers to the blog (just click join this site - under followers), 100 followers on Instagram -again I'm @bakingblissful, and 100 followers on Pinterest! We can do it!

(ps-just click on the link to get to the proper destination to enter for that area)

-get one entry for each of these you do, and one entry for every person you refer that also does something (leave a comment saying who sent you/what you did)

-At the end of the month, if we met our goal, I'll randomly select the winners to receive their prizes (hint-it's food!)

-The more things you do/people you refer, the greater your chance of winning!

...ready, set, GO! :)


Need some inspiration to get you through the last day of the work week?

there ya go :)

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