Sunday, April 14, 2013


The Lord is the Only One who can truly fill us with His love and satisfy our deepest self. Only He can nourish us in the way we need to be nourished. This is why we must be fully complete in God before connecting ourself to another human (i.e. marriage).

We do not need any other individual to live-either in this world or the next. But-it can make the journey sweeter.

It is like dessert - no one needs dessert to survive - it cannot nourish you in a life-sustaining maner. That is what the main course is for.

Jesus is the meat and potatoes of our life.

He is the nourishment, the sustenance we need in order to survive. We must have Him fill us completely before we can enjoy dessert.
~"No cookies before dinner or you'll ruin your appetite" :P

Think of how you feel when you are hungry... starving even, before dinner. You think, "Oh, I'll have a cookie" so you do-but does it fill you? Sure, maybe for a little while, but soon you will be back to where you started-hungry and unsatisfied.
So you eat another... and another and another-maybe the candy bar that has been in your purse since last Halloween, and the rest of the Cheetos hiding in the back of your pantry... you just stuff face until you can't take another bite.

But now how do you feel? Chances are -SICK!
And that is exactly how life will feel if you try over and over again to be satisfied by the things of this world... money, fame, boyfriends, etc.
None of these things are bad - just like a cookie isn't bad
But when you try to live your life built upon these things... that is where the trouble starts. It's like trying to live a healthy life on nothing but peanut butter cup and jelly beans. You may live, for a little while at least... but it won't be as long (with Jesus=FOREVER!) or as high of quality of life as it could be.

So what does this mean? That no one should ever have a bowl of ice cream? (*gasp*)
Of course not!
God blessed us with these gifts - He wants us to enjoy them - NOT build our lives upon them.

~Luke 6:48
They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built.

So after you have had your sustenance and are completely nourished, go ahead and have some dessert!

p.s. - isn't dessert more enjoyable after you have been patiently waiting and anticipating it? ...we'll save that can of worms for another night!

God Bless!

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