Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bakery on Main - Part Oatmeal

Product Review time people!
I'm so excited to share with you what I have been eating loving these past few days...
oatmeal !
Yes, I have previously fallen in love with oatmeal, but this is different.

Why you ask?
Well, it's instant oatmeal-which I usually do not appreciate. But this... this I can handle :)

Bakery on Main is the company I am reviewing for and let me tell you about their set-up...
They started as a small bakery in Connecticut and through a series of events, became the great company we know today. They are passionate about creating gluten free foods that taste just as good (in my opinion -better!) than most gluten-containing counterparts. 
They still make in small batches, which comes through in the amazing, homemade flavors.

So now onto the oatmeal! 
We could really just leave it at that. It really sums it up-but for the sake of being informative I'll continue :)

Their oatmeal is so thick... usually instant is thin and watery, I actually had to add 1 cup of water (the package says 2/3 cup) 

(the strawberry shortcake, alongside a big ole glass of strawberry milk! ...overkill on strawberry? NEVER!)

I also feel as though you are getting way more bang for your buck with their oatmeal as well. Most instant oatmeal's do not satisfy my hungry stomach... But this definitely did-without weighing me down! 
(I topped the carrot cake flavor with pecans, but it would have still been delicious without!)

The flavors are also incredible! 
They have four flavors out now:
Apple Pie
Strawberry Shortcake
and Maple Multigrain
....all amazing people. All amazing!

YUM Blueberry!

...some bananas added for my enjoyment!

I was also lucky enough to get to sample their two newest flavors as well that aren't on the shelves yet-
Blueberry Scone
and Carrot Cake
OH. MY. 
Serious deliciousness up in there. 
The blueberry scone honestly tasted like dessert. And so did the carrot cake! There were even little bits of blueberry and carrot in their respected bowl! 

We all know how much I LOVE that addition of texture and flavor!

We should probably touch on the nutrition facts...
On average-one packet contains around 200 calories, 35g carbs (5g fiber!) and 6g protein.
What do I say to that? Nice.
They also have 10% of your iron needs. Double Nice.
And to top things off-like I mentioned earlier they are gluten-free if you have Celiac disease and require that!
...They also have chia seeds in them! WOOOO for Chia!!! (...so that's why it is so much thicker than Quaker...makes sense now)

...if you want to know the honest truth... right now I'm downing the Apple Pie flavor... so if my grammer is a little off or spelling is less than par, it is because I am far more focused on the deliciousness entering my mouth right now!

Thank you Bakery on Main for such a delicious product that is filling my tummy right now!
~Look for the next Bakery on Main product review coming soon!

*All opinions were completely my own, I was given no compensation for this review.

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