Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Big Train

It's obvious that I'm a coffee addict...
Ice coffee is my new THANG - it's just so chill. 

So when I find something that has protein, vitamins & minerals, is ubber easy to prepare and tastes good. Ya'll know I'm gonna let'ya know about it, right?!

So here's the low down (ok, wow-don't really know why I'm all 'fresh prince of bel-air' up in here... maybe due to the copious amount of caffeine I've had (due to what I'm about to inform you on) or maybe because I'm eating a BIG bowl of granola from Impact Foods? Or maybe, just because I'm a happy person who knows Jesus loves her :)
...ya probs the last one!

Anywho's - I was so graciously given a sampling of Big Train's products to enjoy and then report back to my lovely readers, and a colorful, happy report it will be!
Big Train is a drink mix manufacturer that makes all kinds of stuff!
You can find something for every taste-bud, nutritional desire, and budget!
I got a sampling of different teas, iced coffees and their newest line - Fit Frappes

I'm going to give you the 4-1-1 on the Fit Frappes, since they are new and delicious and nutritious and, well-because I want to!

These are essentially a healthy frappe that you can make at home with just the addition of water. You can make them hot, cold, or blended - I did cold (oh...if only I had a blender...)

Each serving has around 20g protein, less than 1g sugar, 5g fiber, 20-50% of close to a bajillion vitamins and minerals (give or take) and 130 calories
Like, are you serious right now?! Did anyone else nearly faint when they saw this! I did.

All I did was add my wonderful packet - btw - Espresso flavor is the bomb.com
I really hope you clicked that link :P
Anyways, all I did was add my packet to a cup/mixer/blender/thing, add between 12-16oz. water, shake away and pour over ice! I also added a little milk to mine, just to make things even more creamy!

Oh. So. Good. (even better when alongside a peanut butter sandwich!)

I have to admit, it separated a tinsy bit into the grainy-stuff, but that was probably due to not shaking it long enough
All in all-so delicious! And gave me a nice crazy caffeine jolt (the espresso one has about 200mg caffeine)
FYI - a 19.1 oz. canister will only set you back about twenty dollars (and that is 20 - 8oz. servings) way more economical that the buck's Star. (starbucks... sorry, my attempt to be clever!)

If any of you like iced coffee, you should definitely give this company a go, there are a TON of flavors and even non-caffeinated kinds - heck, even those of you who don't like coffee in any form should look at all the great product this company has. From smoothie drinks to hot chocolate (which I also got to sample and both my friend and I agreed it was DELICIOUS!) to low carb baking mixes, I'm sure you'll find something delicious and exciting to try!

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