Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Amber Alert!

I hope you aren't upset that is a fake Amber Alert - but tonight in church I had was thinking about how to bring people to God, and why....

But then God started talking...
and thankfully I was listening.

This is what I learned ~

What happens when a parent loses their child?
They search for them.
They do everything they can to get their child back! They... put out an Amber Alert.

And what do the parents friends, family, acquaintances do? Help search!

Call everyone they know, look for the child, work-work-work to try and get the child back to their parents.

So why aren't we doing the same?

How sad is it, that a child may never find their Father. How terrible it would be to never get to see your loving parent again, or see your beautiful child? We cannot let this happen!

God's children are lost, all over the world! They don't know where their Father is, most don't even know they have a Father, and that He is looking for them!
It's up to us to find them, tell them where their Father is, and get them back to Him ASAP!

Are you with me!?

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