Monday, March 12, 2012

Banana Batter

I have a confession to make... I am a compulsive taste tester... I know, I know it's awful! I can't help it! I always just have to have one bite, just one! It doesn't matter if it is something I'm concocting in the kitchen, or someone else's entree at a restaurant-I must have one bite! However, I've noticed that this compulsion is the strongest in one particular instance, batter. Yes, you read it right-batter! Whenever I'm making anything I love the batter more than the actual finished product in most (if not all instances). Cake batter, cookie dough (kind of like a batter!), pancake/waffle batter, the list goes on and on and on... Batter ROCKS! So today I set out to create a snack that is only meant to become batter-no taking it that last step and creating an 'actual baked product'...psh so overrated! This was a tad difficult though, on a variety of levels:

1st-it had to have something that acted as a 'binding' agent that wasn't harmful to eat raw. I have no guilty feelings sneaking a bite here and there of an uncooked egg-but to create an actual snacks that comprised of eggs...probably not the most brilliant.
2nd-it had to be healthy. Okay, "had to" is a little strong, but as you all know-I'm a health nut freak so of course I was going to strive to make this a healthy dessert/snack that would make my body happy!
3rd-it had to be made with everyday ingredients I had on hand. Living in a small town made getting specialty groceries nearly impossible, add that to the fact that it was Sunday and our local grocery store was close and you have one hungry girl, trying her best to creatively use her on-hand ingredients.

And there it was... my Sunday morning challenge! (It's a good thing I had just gotten home from Church-I was going to need all the help from Up Above possible to make this dream concoction a tasty reality!)

I first started by browsing through some health cookie dough recipes, but they most of the ones I stumbled across used ingredients I did not have in my pantry! Sad. Day. So I decided to improvise! And lucky for you, well and me since I got to eat it-my thrown together, ehh I mean improvised dip was actually DELICIOUS! (Don't act so surprised! :P )

-1 can garbanzo beans
-1 1/4 cups oats
-1 small (very ripe!) banana
-1/4 cup milk
-2 TBSP oil (or any nut butter)
-1 TBSP flax seed (not particularly necessary, but adds to the health factor!)
-1/4 cup honey (or any sweetener)
-1 TBSP cinnamon


1. The first thing you must do is grind your oats and garbanzo beans in a food processor. I know you're probably thinking...beans?! In a sweet snack?! What the heck?! But trust me-when all is said and done you will have NO idea they are in there!
2. After these two are completely combined and smooth add your flax seed, banana and cinnamon
3. Now begin adding your milk, just a little at a time until it reaches your personal desired consistency-I like mine very thick and spoon-able so I kept it at a scant 1/4 cup.
4. Alright-time for the fun! Add your honey-but again only a little at a time, some people desire less/more sweetness, it is all about you! Add honey until it tastes perfect to you! (Remember though that as this dish sits, the banana and cinnamon's flavor will be enhanced-so what may seem a little weak to you now will be perfect in a few hours of refrigeration!)
5. Now the final step..are you ready? Are you!? ENJOY! However, like I said above-you may want to refrigerate this a few hours to heighten the flavors, but really-who can wait?! Have some now...AND later! :)

Nutritional Info (1/4 cup-this recipe makes about 10, 1/4 cup servings)

Look at those stats! This seriously tastes like licking the bowl and/or spoon after mixing up your favorite banana bread recipe, but with nutrition like that packed inside you don't have 'sneak' anything! 

I especially love dipping apple slices into this amazing dip! mmm mmm mmm!


  1. I love batter, too! I wouldn't have ever thought to make a healthy batter just as a snack, though. So smart. It sounds delicious.

    1. It really is! I'm enjoying some right now with crackers! Mmm...

  2. I understand this compulsion completely - do not worry :D
    And thanks for coming up with such a delicious alternative!!!

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