Friday, October 19, 2012

Fluff Frosting

While this picture may not look like anything to write home about, I assure you-it will be one of your new obsessions! 

This picture is of Fluff Frosting... an amazingly sweet, creamy, fattening frosting!
Wait a minute... fattening was not suppose to be up there! That's why I changed it-let's replace fattening with HEALTHY people! Yes... it truly is healthy. Would I lie to you? Of course not!

Here's what you do:

Easy at that. 

You will want to use this as more than just frosting (btw-it's a great frosting for my cupcake poppers)

I like to use it as a dip! (see below...) It goes great with fruit, graham crackers, oh heck-everything!

Oh-It's also really fun (especially for kids) to add sprinkles to the frosting and mix them in to create a fun pop of color to our dip!

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