Friday, August 3, 2012

PB2 Review (Happiness in a jar!)

What does that picture make you think of? 

Anything? Anything? What's that? You're thinking I'm crazy at we are just staring at 2 innocent, plain jane, regular plastic containers?
(Gasp!) How dare you think that about my new favorite product EVER! I don't know if we can be friends anymore... *tears* 
Ok, I'll forgive you-this one time!
These normal, everyday looking jars are filled with GOLD! 
Alright alright, they're filled with PB2-but in my book that is right up there better than gold!

The people at the Bell Plantation Company were generous enough to send me a sample of their products to review and report back to my wonderful readers on! They sent me a sample of:
PBthins (a peanut buttery cracker!)

People-I am in LOVE!!! This stuff is rocking my world one snack at a time! Almost every night for the past week I've enjoyed my Peanut Buster Shake which is made with PB2. Not to mention making bowls and bowls full of both original and chocolate PB2 to dip apples, graham crackers, my fingers, etc. in!
So let's get straight to the BIG 3 shall we?!
First off-the actual powdered peanut butter...
Taste: Yum, yum, yum! ok-moving on :P 
Just kidding-this stuff tastes better than I ever imagined it could! It has a much more 'peanut buttery' flavor than regular peanut flour does (possibly because PB2 has a little added sugar and salt?). It also makes it easier to use since I don't have to add my own salt and sugar (it's a lot of work to get out the sugar bowl and salt shaker people!) While it isn't an exact match to peanut butter it is close enough for me! So 5/5!
Texture: Good-but if you really want that ultimately sticky feeling you get from sticking your tongue inside the peanut butter jar-you're going to have to stick with regular peanut butter... PB2 has done a great job though with advising on how much water to add to get the closest texture possible! I think it is perfectly fine and don't mind the slight difference. So texture gets a 4/5
Nutrition: ummm... #winning! This stuff is a powerhouse of nutrition! I'm not exaggerating here people, check this out:

Awesome right?!
And-(as taken from their website),
 Keep in mind, that PB2 is all natural peanut butter without the fat or the added hydrogenated oil.
Here is the full nutrition stats for the regular PB2 (chocolate is pretty much identical!)

So, if you want to consume 200 calories you could have:
-2 TBSP peanut butter and this would give you 16g of fat (mostly good fats, don't get me wrong!) and 8g of protein
-1/2 cup of PB2! Which would result in 6g of fat and 20 grams of protein! :O Wowza! Talk about awesomeness! 

Anyone want to take a guess on what I'm going to rate PB2 for nutrition? yup! a full 5/5!

Overall: 5/5! I love love love this stuff! I just can't get enough which is why my PB2 jar looks like this...

:( Sad day! 

Thank you so much Bell Plantation for giving me this opportunity to review such a great product! It has completely rocked my world!!! 

So tell me: Have any of you tried PB2 before? What's your favorite way to enjoy it? I'm always looking for new ideas! :)

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