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Lucky Spoon Bakery

Chances are either: 
a) you 
b) someone you know and love
c) someone you know and hate
has a gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity, celiac disease or chooses to eat a gluten free diet for other reasons. Before a few months ago, I had no idea that gluten-free food even existed, let alone was so popular. Many people (who are not gluten intolerant) have decided to go gluten free for weight loss as well (though I have a feeling many of the people that go gluten-free see a weight loss because they are no longer eating all those 'bad carbs' - i.e. white sugar and flour, just a hunch...)

Anyways-back to the story at hand... Many people are eating gluten-free these days, so there is now quite a market for gluten-free foods. This is where I come in! I was lucky enough to do a product review for Lucky Spoon Bakery - which is a gluten-free bakery that sells delicious cookies and muffins.

Let's look into their story - Everyone, these are the founders: Jim and Pam (Hi Jim! Hi Pam!) - Pam and Jim, this is everyone! They decided to challenge the mindset that gluten-free meant taste-free. Pam has always been an amazing baker, and when her husband was diagnosed gluten-intolerant, Pam decided to re-invent gluten-free. She serves up gluten-free food every bit as tasty as their fully gluten counterpart (in my humble opinion-her gluten-free products are BETTER than the same type of product with gluten! Crazy, I know!) Pam has some amazing ski-zills when it comes to creative reinvention of classic favorites! According to their website, in a little blurb written by Jim (the husband), he said: "In hindsight, maybe we should have named the company Lucky Husband Bakery" ...Awww! I agree with him though! These products are amazing-Pam aced it!

Let's get into a little bit more detail on these goodies, shall we?!

-Chocolaty Chip Cookies
-Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies
-Peanut Butter Chocolaty Chip Cookies
-Simply Sugar Cookies

...Now I'm no gluten-free food connoisseur but these little guys ROCKED! I couldn't tell that they were a 'gluten-free' food-nothing about them tasted off or different in the slightest... well actually-scratch that-they did taste different than other boughten cookies I have had before-they were AMAZING! They were soft, moist and full of flavor! They had a fresh, homemade taste to them. Pretty sure I could take them somewhere, say I just took them out of my oven and everyone would believe me! Yes-that is how good these cookies are! ...can anyone guess which were my favorite? Anyone? *hint-starts with pea-ends in nut! The Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies? How'd you guess?! The Peanut Butter cookies were the bomb-a-long-a-ding-dong! Soooo good! 
Sad I only have a few left :(

Really sad! ...my brother found them and finished them off! :O I 'spose I shouldn't be greedy-but really!? Did he have to eat the Perfectly Peanut Butter ones? 

DELICIOUS crumbled on top of ice cream! :D #happytummy

They also sell muffins!

-Lemonlicious Muffins
-Utterly Almond Muffins
-Cinnamony Streusel Muffins
-Totally Maple Pecan Muffins

Can we say delicious? Yes! I can-and did! When I had these... the Cinnamony Streusel Muffins had a topping made of crunchy cinnamon and pecan pieces - if that doesn't say taste-bud enjoyment I don't know what does! And the fresh, bright flavors of Lemonlicious-makes me smile just thinking about it :) I can assure you-nomatter what flavor you try, you will be going back for more, and more, and more! 

~ BIG 3 - BIG 3 - BIG 3 ~

 Taste: Obviously 5/5! So delicious! I loved all the flavors I was given to sample!

Texture: I feel odd typing this, but: 5/5. Yes-5/5! For products that had been made in a bakery in Utah, then packaged and drug through more post offices than I care to count, tossed around in many postal vehicles, and finally thrown (yes, thrown-I saw you Mr. Post Man!) on my front step-they were soft! Very soft-not just, "Oh these are soft for store bought cookies" No! Like-soft soft! SOFT! (Does anyone else think the word 'soft' is starting to sound funny?) Anyways-you get the drift-their texture was amazing! I wish my 'straight-from-the-oven' homemade cookies could have that great of a texture!

Nutrition: Now I know, I know-these cookies and/or are not meant to be health foods! They are cookies and muffins after all-a treat. But-since I also do this in my reviews I don't plan on changing now! 
Here is the nutritional label for muffins (all flavors are very similar)

And here is the nutrition for the cookies:

As you can see-each treat has around 130 calories, while that is a little high in my opinion - let's just keep in mind they are treats! And look a little closer-they do have 1g of fiber and 1g of protein! The only thing that I'm not exactly happy with is the fact that both the cookies and muffins have around 15% of your daily allowance of saturated fat...but again-these are desserts and should be treated as such. Don't treat these as a healthy everyday food just because they are gluten-free. They are just like every other cookies (and most muffins) in the fact that they are fine in moderation-but *warning-it is HARD to have these in moderation, just too delicious! So overall nutrition: 4/5 (But don't get me wrong-their nutrition isn't bad, it is just the fact that they are treats and judged as such)

Overall: 4/5~Delicious flavor, soft & moist texture.
If you or someone you know follows a gluten-free diet-these are a perfect alternative! Heck-forget that-if you or someone you know has tastebuds and a working stomach-these are the perfect treat!
What are you still doing on the computer? Go find some of these for a gluten-free friend yourself! -you can find a retailer nearest you here

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