Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lori's Primo Granola

So it's no secret I love granola-let's face it, I'm obsessed...even with the granola that is full of crazy little lies and secretly posing as healthy food, but is really no better than a candy bar! I still love them! <3

But...the amazing thing is-I've recently received some amazing granola that tastes great AND isn't as unhealthy as a candy bar! WIN :)

I'm going to tell you a little bit about Lori's Primo Granola. It is some truly tasty stuff, let me tell you! I was lucky enough to receive two flavors: Diesel (funny name, delicious flavor!) and Almond & Dark Chocolate... you can see all the flavors here

This little blurb was taken from Lori's site:

Primo Granola originated from my desire to create a granola for my family that would be superior in quality and taste to anything I could buy. Drawing on my passions for fitness, healthy eating, and baking, I created a line of natural, wholesome and nutritious granola that is high in protein and fiber, low in sugar and sodium, contains no refined sugar or trans-fats, and is the best tasting granola you will ever eat! Because the texture is moist and chewy, with large chucks bursting with flavor, my Primo Granola is “not your typical granola!”

Lori is not lying when she says it is not your typical granola! This granola had HUGE chunks! (Don't believe me? Check out my picture! :P ) It was full of flavor, crunchy but still chewy in the middle of those big chunks. It was kinda like a GINORMOUS cookie that was crumbled up... mmm mmm mmm!
See? HUGE chunks! :)

So-let's get down to the big 3! Taste, Texture and Nutrition

Taste: Ahhhhmazing! Both flavors were superb! I'm gonna go into detail about the Diesel though... it was an amazing mixture of many different nuts, had big chunks of dark chocolate AND a peanut butter taste throughout which as you all know, touches my heart <3 The only thing is that it wasn't a very strong peanut butter taste-but some people don't want that strong flavor so I understand :) I give a 4/5

Texture: Not at all what I was expecting with the granola... I was waiting for a crispy crunch with the looks of the chunks, but it was chewy too... interesting I thought... interesting but good! I give another 4/5

Nutrition: Alright, alright let's take a look see shall we?

This was a 'small' piece! :O

Almost gone :( But I know where to get more! 

So tell me-what your newest favorite granola? Mine is definitely Lori's Primo!

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