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It's no secret-America loves LOVES ...LIVES FOR snack food! All kinds-pretzels, peanuts, crackers, but I'm going to guess that the most beloved American snack food of all time is (anyone? anyone?) ...CHIPS! And when I say ..ehh type chips I am meaning the all encompassing 'chip world' (this includes those chip-relatives, i.e. the -itos family: Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos) So why am I rambling on and on about American's love for chips that everyone and their dog already knew? Well-because I was given an amazing opportunity to review a sample of a snack company that is setting out to change the way we snack. 

Lesser Evil Snack Co.'s goal is to provide us snackers with a delicious snack that is made from good-for-you ingredients. Now-even the pickiest of snackers don't have to choose between good tasting snacks and good for you snacks! These snacks are the PERFECT alternative to fried-greasy chips. If you substitute them in place of your usual bag of chips or buttery popcorn, you (and your waistline) won't be sorry! I promise!!! 

My friend and I enjoyed LesserEvil Krinkle Sticks while watching the Bachelorette-it was the perfect snack food to munch on while drooling over Sean...
oh...if she doesn't pick him I may cry!!! <3 (sigh...) ...Where was I? Oh yes-LesserEvil!

According to Lesser Evil -They started in 2004 with their all-natural kettle corn and since then have expanded into creating Krinkle Sticks (a puffed potato/vegetable snack). Kettle Corn comes in two flavors: Classic & Black and White (a cocoa/original mix). Krinkle Sticks come in four flavors: Original Sea Salt, Veggie, White Cheddar, and Sour Cream & Onion. 

Lesser Evil is the most fitting name for this amazing company! According to Lesser Evil- They believe that life is about balance, and don't believe in being perfect. LesserEvil vows to continue its mission to fight bad snacking with a little goodness- In my humble opinion that is exactly what they have done with this snack line! Is the snack a perfect superfood? No... 
But, is it made from delicious wholesome ingredients? Yes! -I can honestly say I recognize and can pronounce every single ingredient listed on all the snacks which I love! 
Are they low in fat and calories? Yes! Each snack has 120 calories or under in a serving (and I know what you're thinking...well the serving is probably tiny... WRONG!) A serving is 35 Krinkle Sticks or 1 cup of popcorn! That is a lower amount of calories than 1 cup of most breakfast cereal! (and the popcorn probably has a lower amount of sugar than that cereal as well). 
Do they crush my craving for something crunchy and crispy? Heck Yes!!! 

So you're probably thinking "Woah! This company is AMAZING!" ...and well-if you aren't thinking that-what's wrong with you?! But anyways... you're also probably wondering if LesserEvil could get any better... Well then can DID! I have saved the absolute best part of this company for last. According to Lesser EvilLesserEvil is thrilled to take our Buy it Forward initiative to the next level. We are announcing a new partnership with Autism Speaks, and will be donating 10% of our profits to help spread their message of Autism Awareness.
Isn't that awesome!? Here at Blissful Baking-you know, I'm all about things that bring 'bliss'. Healthy food, easy recipes, family, faith and fun! I think LesserEvil definitely brings it on the 'bliss' factor! How more blissful could you get than a healthy/wholesome snack food that doesn't break the calorie bank AND donates 10% of all their profits to an amazing organization such as Autism Speaks?

So now for the three key points to any food review:
Texture: 5/5 Amazing! Crispy and crunchy!
Taste: 5/5 Again-AMAZING! The flavor of all the Krinkle Sticks and Kettle Corn varieties were to.die.for. I loved the 'Veggie' Krinkle Sticks especially-they tasted so much like Ranch (which I am a fanatic of!)
Nutritional Stats: 4/5 Pretty great for a snack food! Low in fat and calories... and NO trans fat in any of their products! They weren't very high in fiber (1 gram) but did have a couple grams of protein in each variety which rocks. 


On a scale from 1-Bliss, I give LesserEvil Snacks a full BLISS!

So what are you waiting for? Head straight over to LesserEvil and order yourself some of this Blissful Snacks ASAP!

Let me know-what's your favorite 'guilty pleasure' snack that you wish was healthy?


  1. I happen to be a HUGE fan of LesserEvil Snacks and you should stop by their page on Facebook to check out their amazing snacks AND see some great posts, photos, and comments by an awesome group of fans. The best part is you learn something while having a lot of fun in their contests to win free snacks and accessories like T-shirts, sunglasses and knapsacks too! Stop by and I promise, you'll be back ;D

    1. I will have to do that! Thanks for the tip :) Be sure to become a follower of my site-I'd really appreciate it!

    2. Will DO! Loved your review and looking forward to more of them ;D

    3. Thank you! I just posted a new one on the product- Mix1 sure to check it out!


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