Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cake Batter Butter

What is better than cake batter?! In my opinion.... umm NOTHING! I love trying to recreate the cake batter taste in just about everything! (recipes coming soon!) I love cake batter ice cream, cake batter shakes, cake batter oatmeal...everything! So I figured I would try my hand at created a version of a nut butter that tastes like cake batter... crazy I know!

After trying a few different variations, I came up with a recipe that any cake batter lover will appreciate! It's great to put on toast, bagels, apple slices, and crackers! (Just to name a few...)

Ingredients (makes about 1 cup of butter) :
-2 cups cashews (I used salted, but if you use unsalted you can always add a little pinch of salt)
-1 tsp. vanilla extract
-1 tsp. butter extract
-1/2 tsp. almond extract
-Sprinkles some people here would put "optional" but NO-this is not optional in any way shape or form.... to get the legit cake batter experience you must add sprinkles to the end result-but then again, how will I ever know :)

1. Roast cashews on a baking sheet in a 350* oven until they become fragrant.
2. Let cashews cool
3. When they are just warm, put cashews in food processor or high powered blender and blend away! (the warmth from the cashews helps their oils come out a bit easier)
4. Keep scrapping sides of blender/processor until you reach the consistency you like
5. Pour into your jar of choice and fold in sprinkles!

Sooooo good with some crackers! Mmmm Mmm!

Nutritional Info: (2 TBSP of cake batter butter)

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