Monday, January 23, 2012

Apple Chips

..."An apple a day keeps the doctor away..."
Yeah, yeah, we all know-apples are good for us, but there are only so many ways you can eat an apple!
Let me be the first to say-I LOVE apples! I could (and usually do) eat them everyday...usually more than one a day!
I like them by themselves, with peanut butter dip (recipe coming!), in nacho form (recipe to come soon!), as a warm cinnamon apple dessert (again, recipe coming!), the list goes on and on...
But what happens when the apples you have aren't the crispest? And you've already made all the warm cinnamon apples you can handle for one week. Anyone? Anyone? APPLE CHIPS of course!
These are simple, healthy, not to mention amazingly delectable! They take only 3 ingredients and little preparation time...
The only downside is that they do require a dehydrator... you could use an oven on a very low temp. But, if you do this method, be sure to watch them closely so they do not burn!

We have SOOOO many apples, and the extra are surely going to go to waste as they are quickly getting soft...but this recipe is the perfect antidote for that!
Ingredients (Makes about 8 servings):
-6 apples (you can do it with any amount, but be sure to adjust the other ingredients accordingly)
-1/3 cup sugar substitute (works just as well with regular sugar, just adjust the nutritional information to match)
-2 TBSP cinnamon


1. Wash apples thoroughly

2. Mix cinnamon and 'sugar' together

3. Cut apples
 -You can do this pretty much any which way you'd like but what I've found the easiest is:
     ~Cut center out with an apple corer
     ~Slice with a mandolin (this will produce equal sized slices of about 1/4 inch)
-If you slice thinner-reduce dehydrating time, thicker-increase dehydrating time

4. Dip each apple slice in cinna-sugar mixture and place in a single layer on your dehydrating sheets (or a single layer on a cookie sheet if doing it the oven-way)

5. Continue until all apples are cut, coated, and placed on the sheet

6. Dehydrate for 8-12 hours on ~135*
-Check every few hours to get them to the stage you enjoy, longer for a crispier apple, shorter for a chewier one

Nutritional Info (1/8 of recipe):

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