Friday, December 21, 2012

California Suncakes

Guys - I just ate a hockey puck!
Ok, random story... I've been to one hockey game in my life. During that game my mother managed to get hit in the head by a hockey puck! Yes, one of the hockey pucks came out of the ice box during the game and whacked her right in the noggin. Talk about a memorable game!

Anyways, back to my eating of a hockey puck. Alright, so needless to say it wasn't really a hockey puck-but it sure looked like one! It is shaped exactly the same, only this 'puck' is sweet, delicious, and nutritious!

It is actually a Suncake. A huh?! A Suncake.
I'll explain...

California suncakes are a Gluten Free energy bar. Made out of whole grain oats, dried fruits, fruit juices, soy and brown rice flour and syrup that supply around 30-40% of your daily needs for protein and fiber - and taste like a COOKIE!
The company has also expanded now to create 'Heart Thrives' - these little guys are two cakes in the shape of hearts and also contain a good deal of your daily Calcium requirements. They come in 7 flavors: Apricot, Cranberry, Apple, Date, Lemon Poppy Seed (my favorite!), Chocolate Chip and Raisin Spice
The original Suncakes come in 6 flavors; Apricot, Cranberry (soooo yummy!), Apple, Date, Lemon Poppy Seed, and Chocolate Orange. Each Suncake is a 4 ounce "hockey puck" that is actually two servings.

These little guys are sweet, chewy and full of flavor! They're obviously extremely portable so they make for a great grab-and-go snack! 

* A word of warning: since these goodies are made out of whole, natural ingredients and no preservatives, you should keep them in the freezer if you won't be eating them all in a week or two, but honestly-good luck keeping your mits of these delicious treats! 

Thanks California Suncakes for a chance to review your great tasting product! (all opinions were completely my own, the only thing I ever received for California Suncakes was their sample)

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