Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whole Wheat Bagels

Oh bagels... how I love your crisp and perfectly browned outside, matched with your soft, warm and chewy middle... and the unhealthy fats, bad carbs and high sugar content are great too (pause) NOT! 

Who out there loves bagels? Yeah, that's what I thought- everyone! Bagels are great for breakfast, make a fun sandwich and can be customized to fit even the pickiest of palates. Bagels are extremely popular.. they've been around since the 1700's! 

The most common flavor is plain (umm...boring!) But there is an endless list of how you could flavor your bagels! (Ideas following the recipe)

Ok...enough of me rambling on and on about the fun facts of bagels... let's get down to the important business at hand-a healthy AND delicious recipe for bagels!

These bagels are dense and chewy... they are full of good carbs from the whole wheat flour, low in sugar and can pumped up with nutritional additions (i.e. raisins, nuts, etc.)

So let's get baking!

After two hours...

 After 1 hour...

Let rest and rise another hour... then...

To finish: Place on a cornmeal dusted cookie sheet. (If you add toppings-like cinnamon sugar or seeds, sprinkle those on top of bagels now) Bake in a 500* preheated oven. Bake for five minutes then reduce heat to 450* and bake another 5 minutes

~Let cool at least 15 minutes! Then enjoy :) (how could you not enjoy these amazing snacks eh- breakfast um- amazingly delicious treats that are actually good for you! 

 Here I made peanut butter crunch bagels... Ahhhhhmazing! To the original recipe I added 1/2 cup chopped peanuts and 2 TBSP. chopped peanut butter chips after they had rest and rose in their ball form and before shaping into bagels.

*Tip: Try to make sure all your additions are on the inside of the bagel-not poking out. This will help make sure they don't fall off during the boiling.

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